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Nick Drivas

Emerging on the scene as an insightful interpreter of the Great 
American Songbook, Nick Drivas not only appeals to those 
familiar with these enduring standards, but also finds a way to 
dynamically repackage and reintroduce this timeless music in a 
way that revives interest with a new generation of younger 

The American Songbook is an evolving collection of 
American-written standards that embody an ever-changing 
landscape of American composition.  In efforts to spread and 
preserve this timeless collection of American culture, Nick 
utilizes his commanding vocals and insightful interpretive skills 
to share these classics with a wide array of audiences -- young 
and old.

Having entertained audiences across the country, Nick's
mission is not only to introduce and perform this music to a 
younger audience base but to educate and spread the 
influences of this long-lasting piece of American history and to 
contribute towards its preservation for many generations to 

Nick Drivas
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